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Tracking and Skinning

The trackers at Osombahe-Nord are descendants of the san people originating in Namibia. They will help ensure a successful hunt with their in-depth knowledge of the environment and behaviour of animals providing guaranteed performance when it comes to placement, tracking and skinning of trophies.

Trophy Preparation and Taxidermy

To hunt in Africa is more often than not a once in a lifetime opportunity. Trophies are what a hunter takes away from this experience as proof and constant reminder of what an enjoyable and memorable time was had and shares this experience with friends and family for the years to come. At Osombahe-Nord Hunting Safaris we appreciate this and it is therefore of utmost importance that special care is taken in preparing your trophies.

After an animal has been taken we transport it to the skinning area, the trophy is skinned as per the hunters specifications. The trophy (hide, skin and horns) is labelled, cleaned, salted and dried on the premises. During your hunt you will have the choice to have your trophies completely finished and mounted by a local taxidermist and then shipped to your location. You can also choose to have the dipping and treating done in Namibia and have the final mounting done at a taxidermist of your own choosing. Please do not hesitate to contact us for prices or any additional information regarding taxidermy.


We are committed to provide you, our client, with the most unforgettable African experience. Our professional hunters are skilled, ethical sportsman who will ensure that you look back on your safari, and the manner in which each trophy was taken, with pride. To us, not only the trophy, but the entire experience, is paramount. On your return home, we want the memories of the sights, sounds, people, smells and the atmosphere of Africa to haunt you until you return.

Customs and Immigration

All hunters will receive a formal invitation letter that should be printed and will be required at Namibian customs and immigration. All hunters coming into the country will need the full address of the outfitter which is stated on the invitation letter. Namibian Customs and Immigration will require you to have at least 3-4 full open pages in your passport upon arrival. Australian, New Zealand, Germany and US Citizens do not need any Visa’s to enter Namibia. Kindly check the visa requirements of other nationalities with your travel agents.

On your arrival at Hosea Kutako International airport, you will be collected by your professional hunter. Please note that transfer between the airport and the hunting concessions is free of charge.