I was one of 6 Australians (all friends) to visit Osombahe-Nord Hunting Safaris in 2014.  The hospitality we received during our stay with Harald and Liezel was second to none.  We were picked up at the airport and transported to the property outside of Windhoek for a couple of days and then we travelled onto another property further into the Kalahari  Desert where the animals were more plentiful.

The hunting was fantastic. The professional hunters that Harald organised to take care of us were very professional and also very friendly.  We were all amazed at the number and variety of animals.  This made the hunting all the more exciting and challenging. There were 5 hunters in our group and we all managed to get our nominated animals which were all excellent trophies.  Harald’s expertise in all areas of the hunt allowed us to relax in surroundings that we were not familiar with.

The African employees at the property were also wonderful and friendly thanks I believe to the respectful way they were treated by Harald & Liesel.  The food and accommodation facilities at both properties were exceptional.

My wife had a birthday while we were staying at the property and it is a day she will never forget thanks to the thoughtfulness of Liezel in arranging for all the African employees sing Happy Birthday to her.

Harald and Liezel were wonderful hosts and we are already planning another trip for 2017.

- Peter Mills

I was at Osombahe Noord almost when Harald started the business, and a couple of years after that. I have seen how Harald and Liezel have built the business themselves, the lodge, facilities, workers and everything that is related to the challenge of organizing hunting safaris. I have returned this year with my brother and a couple of friends, almost 10 years after my first visit, I have been very glad to see how professionalism at Osombahe has been further developed and client care is the top priority for all the staff. There is though one thing that has not changed at all since I first hunted at Osombahe, and that is Harald's dedication to the client, his personal and very straight communication, makes the entire experience just easy, and when something comes up, a solution follows. Goes without saying that if I keep going to Osombahe is because I have always been blessed with successful hunting, but more importantly, I always enjoyed the experience, authentic plains game hunting. I'm looking forward to my next trip to Osombahe-Nord Hunting Safaris.

- Diego Marques

No words to say. From the time of arrival at Namibia your kind hospitality and friendship is out of this world. A big thank you to you and all your staff for the great work they have done. I will miss this place. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Peter Mihail

WOW!! How lucky were we to select Osombahe-Nord Hunting Safaris for our time in Namibia. Harald and Liezel your comp is superb, your hospitality wonderful, food delicious and everything delivered by very happy staff. We have enjoyed every moment. Thanks also Harald for doing the extra work to ensure Ian was completely satisfied with his hunt. Much appreciated. We would love to come back.

- Ian Simon